WAKE UP GORGEOUS 100% Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Mask in Gold

  • Say goodbye to scrunched faces, messy hair and having your expensive night serum sucked up on your cotton pillowcases.  Say hello to no puffiness, fewer face creases each morning, and lusher hair for longer.  Also if you are in the overheat in bed category, you'll find that silk will help keep you cooler and your skin more hydrated too.  Nothing says beauty sleep quite like silk pillowcases and our pillowcases are made to order in all the right ways. Softness, durability and with invisible zipper closure for the best fit.

    Made with high grade 22 momme 100% mulberry silk, it's naturally cool to the touch, your face will glide over the fabric and it will keep both your hair and skin smooth, soft and silky. Queen size international standard:- 51cm x 76cm.

    Say goodbye to interrupted sleep, puffy eyes and bright lights and hello to waking up feeling refreshed, hydrated and with fewer creases around your eyes and face. Nothing says beauty sleep quite like a silk sleep mask and ours are made to order in all the right ways. Softness, durability with pure silk lining and filler and easy fit strap. They are heavenly to the touch and whisk you away to the land of dreams in no time at all xx

    Pillowcase and sleep mask comes in a white magnetic box and is gift wrapped. 

    Trust us, you'll always end up waking up on the right side of the bed xx